Colon cancer

Colon cancer – a tumor that forms in the mucous membrane of the large intestine. Tumor of the colon develops relatively slowly, so with timely access to specialists, the chances of cure are very high. Malignant neoplasm of the intestine, including colon cancer, in medical terminology is called the common name “colorectal cancer.” Among the risks of colon cancer – metastasis to other organs and body systems, which requires a full examination. According to statistics, colon cancer often affects people of the older age group – 60-80 years.

Treatment of colon cancer in the clinic Treatment of colon cancer requires an integrated approach. In the Clinic, in combating a malignant tumor, a combined treatment is used, consisting of several methods (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and CyberKnife radiosurgery for the treatment of single and multiple metastases).

The treatment tactics of the disease for each patient in our Oncology Center is developed individually, based on the stage of the pathological process, the results of diagnostic studies, indicators of the patient’s general health, the presence of concomitant diseases, and others. clinic specialists – during a meeting of an interdisciplinary consultation. The main method of treating a colon tumor is surgery, during which the entire volume of the tumor is surgically removed. In the clinic, surgery for intestinal tumors is performed by the most modern method in the world – laparoscopy.

Such an operation does not require large incisions, is not accompanied by significant blood loss, carries less risks for the patient, compared with traditional abdominal surgery, and can significantly reduce the period of postoperative recovery. The tumor is removed using a special instrument (laparoscope), equipped with a video camera, which is inserted into the abdominal cavity through small punctures on the body.

Modern antitumor therapy at the Clinic The next stage in the treatment of colon cancer may be radiation therapy, in which high-dose ionizing radiation is used to kill cancer cells. The radiation treatment of tumors in the Clinic is carried out on the modern linear accelerator Elekta with the IMRT function (modeling by the intensity of the radiation dose supply). This technology makes it possible to deliver high doses of radiation precisely within the tumor, while healthy tissues, organs and structures of the body near the tumor are maximally protected from the effects of radiation.

Chemotherapy is one of the important components of the complex treatment of most cancers; this method is also used in the treatment of colon cancer. Treatment of the newest chemotherapy, targeted, hormone and immunotherapy of malignant diseases is available to patients of our cancer center, in accordance with the treatment protocols adopted worldwide.

For the treatment of metastases of colon cancer (single and multiple), as well as in the case of a small primary tumor, remote radiosurgery on the CyberKnife system can be used. Radiosurgery on the CyberKnife system is performed without blood, cuts and anesthesia, does not require the patient to be hospitalized and is only one to two sessions, with an average duration of 20-30 minutes each.